SEO & Developer Partnership Playbook

How to crack the code of working with developers.

A self-paced course for junior, mid-level and senior SEO professionals that reveals how you can master the fundamentals of working with product and development teams.

Course Launching 4th December 2023.

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“Thank YOU so much, Adam! I can't begin to thank you enough for your help. I feel 100% more confident going into meetings with Product and Engineering in a more positive way.”

Anna Crow, SEO and Content Specialist, Alludo

You need to get your SEO projects executed by the development or product team. But you’re overwhelmed by their processes and language.

They talk about working in sprints, dev tickets and QA testing.

It’s as if you’ve landed on a different planet, and getting SEO projects executed feels like an endless black hole.

You’ve seen others easily working with development and product teams to get projects executed. But you don’t know how to start. If only someone could just sit you down and explain it to you.

Don’t worry because you, my fellow SEO, are great at working with development and product teams.

You just don’t know it yet.

Take any SEO off the streets. Teach them the basics taught in product and engineering communities. And in no time, you’ll be able to speak their language and get your SEO projects implemented with ease.

Why is learning the basics so easy?

Because of the discipline of agile.

How agile shaped product development (and how you can learn to master it)

The basics of getting projects executed lies in the discipline of agile.

The agile method teaches people how to work together to get projects executed. For decades, product and development teams have used these principles and values to get projects executed. And in this self-paced course, you too can learn how to apply these same principles and values.

Agile started in 2001. A group of developers wanted to change how software development was delivered. So, they got together and created the Agile Manifesto. This document outlined how teams can work better together to deliver software using agile principles and values.

Fast forward 20 years. Systematic methods have evolved from being battle-tested across thousands of companies. These methods allow product and engineering teams to work together to execute projects. From enterprise companies all the way to small SaaS startups. 

Product and development teams are taught to release IT and software project teams using these tried-and-test practices.

They are learning the delivery frameworks, processes, and language behind these methods.

Today, tech teams use these methods to build and improve websites. Including your SEO projects.

But what about the SEOs working with these teams? 

Who is making sure they know the secrets of agile delivery? 

Spoiler alert: SEOs have been left out of the loop. Until now.

By mastering the fundamental processes, frameworks and languages of agile delivery. You can learn how to work with development and product teams effectively, so your SEO projects don’t go ignored.

This is why this course exists. To help you work effectively with development and product teams.

In this course, you will learn how to collaborate with product and development teams.

Mastering the basics of agile delivery processes, frameworks and languages used to build software and SEO features.

The course is self-paced, and the content is structured in six easy-to-follow modules.

At the end of the course, you’ll be able to work effectively with almost any product and development team. And, more importantly, get your SEO projects executed.

I've spent years learning how to work with development and product teams. So you don’t have to.

Hi, I’m Adam Gent, an Independent Technical SEO and Product Manager.

In 2018, I became a Product Manager (PM) at a B2B software company called DeepCrawl (now Lumar). For years, I worked across multi-disciplinary teams to implement features to solve problems for enterprise companies like eBay, Lego and Adobe.

When I first joined the product team, I thought getting things done would be easy. 

I was dead wrong.

I had to navigate a new set of unspoken rules, responsibilities and working methods. It was as if everyone had read a rulebook for a game I had no idea how to play.

I needed to play catch up.

I binge-watched YouTube videos, read product books, and subscribed to newsletters. I had to shift my mindset and learn new skills to navigate these internal nuances. All the while applying and testing the knowledge as I went.

It was intense. But worth it. 

I started to understand the unspoken rules and language of the development team. The systematic processes became clear. My initiatives started to be prioritised and implemented.

The experience made me realise that there is a knowledge gap in the SEO industry.

That knowledge gap is causing SEO projects to fall through the cracks.

Many SEO specialists are trying to find non-existent silver bullets to get projects executed. But that won’t help them. What they need to do is learn how to speak and work with tech teams.

What is included in this course

The curriculum is self-paced, so you can dive into each module as fast (or slow) as you like.

Module 1: Meet the team

You’ll learn the jobs of the three key players in a technical team, which means you’ll understand how they can work together to execute SEO projects.

Module 2: Navigating Tech Team Culture

You’ll learn to navigate the culture of a product and development team, which means you’ll know who to approach to get SEO projects executed.

Module 3: Fundamentals of Delivery Processes

You’ll learn the basics of agile product development processes, which means you’ll better understand how to submit successful requests to the dev team.

Module 4: SEO & Dev Comms

You’ll learn the fundamentals of communicating to developers, which means your SEO requests won’t be ignored.

Module 5: How to Build Trust

You’ll learn how to build trust within a product and development team, which is critical in getting resources to execute SEO projects.

Module 6: Effective SEO & Development Teams

You’ll learn the best SEO & dev team structures and why they work, which means you can work with your company to form a successful team structure.

As well as video content, you also get:

Practical Templates

SEO & developer partnership playbook and writing request template.

Examples and Scenarios

Real-world examples and case studies for you to apply your knowledge.

Learning Library

Access to a learning library of practical reading throughout the course.

Meet your instructor

Hello, I'm Adam Gent.

I've spent over 10 years in SEO, Digital and Product working with a wide range of companies like DeepCrawl, Ladbrokes Sports, bathstore and Glassdoor.

As a Product Manager working in-house, I noticed a lack of resources to help SEOs navigate the chaos of working in tech teams.

This course tries to distil down everything I've learned as a Product Manager to help SEO teams get projects executed.

Who is this course for

You’re a good fit for this course if:

  • You rely heavily on SEO projects being implemented by development teams.
  • You need to work with product managers to prioritise and implement SEO projects.
  • You’re proactive and want to try new ways of working to get SEO projects implemented.
  • You’ve joined an engineering team and feel overwhelmed by the team’s processes and language.
  • You recognise more can be done to close the communication gap between your SEO and dev team.

For example:

  • You’re an SEO Manager who just joined a company and needs to work with the development team to get priority projects implemented.
  • You work as a Technical SEO Specialist who regularly relies on development teams to implement recommendations.
  • You’re an SEO Product Manager who wants to learn the processes, frameworks and practices used by the development team.
  • You are the Head of SEO at a company and recognise that more can be done to improve how SEO, dev, and product teams can work together.
  • You are an SEO Specialist at a SaaS startup but need to work with a development team to implement SEO actions.

Student Testimonials

"If you enjoy Adam’s newsletter, I’d recommend taking part in his course. It contains lots of practical examples, tools and resources that you can take away and use with your internal product and development teams. It certainly gave me takeaways that I’m going to implement with the teams I work with.”


Scott Salter, SEO and Content Manager

"I took a course from Adam, and it made me at least 5x better at getting my SEO tasks implemented."


Mihir Naik, SEO Product Manager, Loblaw Digital

“The course was packed full of super actionable takeaways - from what questions to ask, the right people to ask and the general insight into how development teams work. It gave me practical advice to work better with Devs and make sure our technical suggestions get buy-in and actually get stuff done.”


Sophie Gibson, Technical SEO Director, StudioHawk Digital

Enroll in the course today!

Master the fundamentals of working with product and development teams.

Get practical tips and advice on how to collaborate with development teams.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Build effective SEO & dev team structures.
  • Understand how to navigate tech team culture.
  • Gain more confidence working with developers.
  • Communicate SEO requirements to tech teams.
  • Establish trust quickly with development teams.


Course Launching 4th December 2023

Use the SEOEXECUTION 10% discount code at the checkout.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a certificate from this course?

Yes! Once you've completed all the modules you'll get a certificate at the end of the course.

Do you offer refunds?

If you feel you not getting the value from the course then send me an email ([email protected]) within 14 days of purchase, and I'll give you a refund.

Do you offer a monthly payment plan?

Yes! I can offer a monthly payment plan for each course. Just get in touch using [email protected].

Do you offer a discount for multiple seats?

Yes. If you want multiple seats for your team I can offer further discounts:

  1. 2-4 seats = 10% discount
  2. 5-10 seats = 15% discount
  3. 10+ seats = Bespoke discount

Just email [email protected].

Can I pay via an invoice?

Yes. Just send me an email at [email protected] with your business details and I can issue you an invoice.

Is this course for agencies or independent SEO consultants?

It can depend on your client portfolio and it might not be useful for all agencies or consultants. If you're unsure just send me an email with your details and I can clarify it would be useful: [email protected].

Is there any technical SEO training in this course?

No. The course uses SEO examples to illustrate key points and goes through SEO web dev strategies there is not specific training around "technical SEO".

Do the new courses offer office hours?

No. You will not have access to office hours with any of the new courses.

However, if there is an appetite for it. I plan to launch free workshops in Q1 of 2024 for anyone who buys a new course.

This will give students the opportunity to ask any questions and discuss the course material.

Is there a Slack community?

No. There is no Slack community for anyone who purchases the SEO Product Ownership courses.

However, if there is an appetite for it. I might create one in the future.

So let me know if you want one.

Is there a sequence to these courses?

Yes. I’d recommend doing the courses in the following order:

  1. SEO & Dev Partnership Playbook
  2. SEO Project Planning
  3. SEO Product Ownership

Each course stacks and compounds the skills of the others. The content does cross over but each solves a unique problem when working with dev teams.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions about the course then just send me an email at [email protected].